For obvious reasons—no one wants to steal the spotlight away from the bride—the single colour that wedding guests are not allowed to wear is white. This has been the custom for many years. However, the times are changing. These days, a lot of people just don’t think it’s a big deal if they wear white. There are some brides and grooms who have no problem with it at all.

They may even suggest that their guests wear white to create a monochromatic colour palette for the rehearsal dinner or the ceremony. This is a custom that can be traced back to royal as well as celebrity weddings.

Over the years, many of the norms and traditions that are involved with attending a wedding as a guest, such as the colour palette that guests are not permitted to wear, have changed. It has recently come to light that colours that were once regarded to be improper for wedding apparel are now commonly accepted.

One example of this is the colour black. There are, on the other hand, hues that you should steer clear of, some of which may take you by surprise.

At a wedding, the most appropriate colours to wear are ones that won’t make you stand out too much from the crowd and that will allow you to fit in more easily.

It is important to keep in mind that the bride should be the focus of attention on her special day; therefore, you should avoid wearing colours or patterns that draw attention to themselves. White clothes are not appropriate unless the couple expressly requests something else.

When you are looking through your closet for the ideal dress to wear to an upcoming wedding that is on your agenda, it is essential to keep in mind that there are particular colours that you should steer clear of. This will help to ensure that you do not commit any attendee faux pas, such as being mistaken for the bride, the maid of honour, or even just a guest who accidentally showed up at the wrong party.

Go ahead with that in mind. Put everything on the table and immediately remove from consideration any items of clothing that are any of the following colours or fabrics, lest you find yourself in the position of being that visitor.

Donning The Color White

This is a concept that a lot of people consider to be archaic. It’s possible that the bride is super cool and doesn’t give a hoot about anything. It is a fact that some of the attendees at the wedding you are attending might find it offensive if you wear a white dress.

It is a major fashion faux pas for women to wear white to weddings, and they do so rather frequently. You should avoid wearing anything that even remotely resembles a bridal look to protect the feelings of the bride. Choose an outfit that has no chance of being mistaken for a wedding gown at any time.

Some individuals may advise you that it is acceptable to wear white to an event that requires black tie attire, while others may caution you that doing so will label you as “the girl who wore white at so-and-wedding” so’s and that you will become the focus of rumours and discussions about the event. To put it more succinctly, that’s not a good idea.

It is considered rude to show up to a wedding wearing nothing but white unless the bride and groom have specifically requested that their guests do so in their invitation. It is best to avoid wearing anything that could be misconstrued for a wedding dress, such as something white, off-white, beige, cream, or lace that is white.

Donning The Color Black

Therefore, this colour is a little bit complicated. In the past, wearing black at a wedding was considered rude and inappropriate. The tiny black dress has emerged as the most popular choice for brides to wear to formal events. If you really must wear all black, take extra care that your ensemble does not have a morbid appearance.

Have you worn that garment to a memorial service or a funeral? Put it away in the attic and try your luck somewhere else. If you disagree with the decision to have a wedding, you shouldn’t wear black either.

Disregarding The Attire Requirements Mentioned On The Invitation

It is not very typical for attendees attending a wedding to not verify that they have adhered to the dress code that was outlined on the invitation. If it’s a white-tie event, you’ll need a ball gown; if it’s a black-tie event, you’ll need an evening gown or cocktail dress; and if it’s a lounge suit event, you’ll want to wear something light and airy but not too casual for the weather.

Black-tie events require evening gowns or cocktail dresses; white-tie events require ball gowns. Unless specified, you can get away with wearing a colourful summer outfit at any time. Encouraged is full compliance with the predetermined requirements for appropriate attire.

A wedding is an extremely elegant event to attend. Stay away from temptation and don’t wear the dress you wore to your bachelor or bachelorette party again. Even though there will most likely be dancing at the reception and gorgeous bachelors in attendance, this is neither the time nor the place to show off your body in skimpy outfits. Suitably seductive attire is expected to be worn to a bachelorette celebration.

Taking Their Cues From The Bridesmaids

At a wedding, the dresses worn by guests should not be carbon copies of those worn by the bridesmaids. Some guests research the wedding’s colour scheme and base their outfit choices on that information to bring the whole aesthetic together.

On the other hand, if you wear the same dress as the bridesmaids, it may give the impression that you are taking it personally since you were not chosen for the job. There is no way to avoid the possibility that some of the guests will appear dressed in the same colour as the bridesmaids.


You shouldn’t wear anything that will steal the show away from the bride, as she deserves all the attention. When you wear a dress that is neon green, you will stand out in any photograph that is taken of you. You don’t have to be timid, but you also shouldn’t draw too much attention to yourself through your clothing choice. You might be looking for a partner right now and be single, but this isn’t the place to do any of those things.


It is advised to dress subdued or understatedly when attending a wedding to avoid standing out too much from the other attendees. My Dress Box is ready to assist if you’re shopping for a wedding gown. Avoid standing out by donning loud patterns or vibrant hues.

The bridal party should avoid wearing white unless the bride and groom specifically request it. Several famous couples have made donning all-white attire a sort of tradition. Due to today’s engaged couples’ typically more accepting views toward one another, traditional wedding clothing regulations have eased in recent years.

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